Park Recommendations

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Willowwood Arboretum - Chester/Peapack, NJ

It has a nice balance of nature (trees and gardens) and as well as stone walls and other structures with a lot of character.

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NAtirar - Peapack/Gladstone, NJ

It has a large open field with a very large and beautiful tree. There are also streams, a walkway through the woods, and an old barn.

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Bamboo Brook - Chester/Peapack, NJ

This park has a beautiful reflecting pool, trellis, open fields, and a babbling brook in the woods.

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This park has some unique old buildings, quiet wooded areas and tall grass.

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BAYNE PARK IN Harding twp/morristown, NJ

This park has several beautiful spots with a picturesque pond, tall grass, a long fence and a stone bridge.